Recent Reviews


5.0 rating
4th November 2019

Josh has replaced several windows and 2 sliding doors for us. We highly recommend Josh. He is very dependable and trustworthy and a great guy.

Linda Phelts


5.0 rating
31st October 2019

We hired Josh Heyman to install two exterior doors that we purchased from a local building supply store. He not only spent time before my purchase giving advice which saved me a bunch of time and money but also did an amazing installation job. I would recommend him to anyone as an honest and reliable professional.

Van Moss


5.0 rating
29th October 2019

Josh Heyman did an awesome job installing two exterior doors making sure all the little details were covered. I fully expected to do all the finish work but he took care of everything before I knew it! It’s been more than a year and absolutely no issues with closure, locking, sticking – all terrific.

Rhonda McDougall

Josh's Amazing Work

5.0 rating
25th October 2019

Josh has done lots of work for us over the years! He has installed windows, doors, and pretty much done whatever we needed. He is ethical, trustworthy, and truly a good person! He knows what he is doing and does quality work. He is professional, yet very respectful. We sincerely appreciate Josh and highly recommend him!

Jack and Sheryl Ferguson

You need doors or windows?

5.0 rating
24th October 2019

Josh is the guy for you! He is extremely professional and will answer ALL questions to put your mind at ease. Josh has replaced every door in our house, yes EVERY door, exterior and interior including a custom pantry door. All I needed to do was buy them (we preferred Lowe’s) and he even picked them up for us. I only wish I needed more doors.

Stephen Lindo